The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum

A documentary series in six episodes

Year: 2018     Duration: 4h 27min     Language: Norwegian (English)     Subtitles: English, Spanish and Chinese

Deciding to track down Odd Nerdrum's sources of inspiration, his former pupil Jan-Ove Tuv and his son Öde go on a world tour, visiting the museums and people that crossed paths with the painter in his pursuit of the immortal masterpiece.

* * *

For two years, we have been working on the most extensive documentary on Odd Nerdrum that has ever been produced. From his refugee-birth during World War II, to the Norwegian Tax Case that recently sentenced him to two years in prison, we take you on a journey through the defining moments of Nerdrum's life and the secrets he has obtained from even the most unknown painters of history.

The series includes travels to Norway, USA, Italy, Iceland, England, Netherlands, Austria, Greece and Germany.

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Excerpt from Episode 5


Official Trailer (2018)


Excerpt from Episode 2


Currently, we are fundraising the project at to finance costs related to archive footage, film music, and photographic material.